onsdag den 9. juli 2014

Cheating: Lund Cathedral

Lund is a town in Sweden, so technically the stunning cathedral does not belong on this blog. However, parts of Sweden, Lund included, were part of the Kingdom of Denmark in the twelfth century when the cathedral was built, so I'm okay with the cheating just this once.  

The giant, Finn, trying to break a pillar in the crypt. 

The astronomical clock, Horologium Mirabile Lundese, from 1389 actually still works. 


The ruined castle, Lilleborg, from the twelfth century. 

Charming Bornholm

Gudhjem (God's Home) Harbor. 

The iconic smoke houses. Bornholm is famous for its smoked herrings. 

The stunning, rocky north shore. 

Old canons on one of the many redoubts. 

An old mill.

Trees in Almindingen. 

Unique church bell tower typical for Bornholm.

Opal Lake

Hammershus Castle Ruins

Hammershus is the largest ruined castle in Northern Europe. Founded in the thirteenth century by the archbishop in Lund, Hammershus played a vital role in history for a few hundred years.

Østermarie Chruch Ruins

The old church in Østermarie on Bornholm. They started to tear it down only to stop when they realized its unique architecture. The new church is built right next to the ruins. 

The Holy Cliffs

Helligdomsklipperne on Bornholm. The Holy Cliffs. 

Bornholm's Round Churches

Nylars. No one knows for sure why four of the churches on the small island of Bornholm are round. It is likely they have been used to defend the island, and for storing goods--maybe for the Baltic crusades. Some speculate that the Templar Knights were involved in building the churches even if evidence is lacking.