lørdag den 30. juni 2012


Fishing boats made especially to be pulled onto the beach the way they have been made for centuries and centuries.


Bulbjerg. The most fantastic scenery.

Bunker from World War 2.

Observation post where the Germans watched the ocean just north of the North Sea during World War 2.

The observation room.

What the German soldiers could - and did - see through the slit.

Change in the weather. Shadows on the water from the clouds.

Nr. Lyngby - Old Church Bell

The bell from the old church at Nr. Lyngby. The church was torn down in 1913 as it was situated on a cliff that every storm eats away at. The bell is left at the old cemetery. Most of the graves are gone, but a few remain...until a storm takes away the land.

mandag den 25. juni 2012

Sculptures by the Sea

Sculptures by the Sea, Aarhus 2009.

Copenhagen Town Hall

Copenhagen Town Hall.

Copenhagen Carnival

Copenhagen Carnival 2012.

Pøt Mill

Lake behind Pøt Mill.

Haurum Church

Haurum Church. 

Haurum Church

Haurum Church north of Hammel. It's from the thirteenth century.


The entrance to Frijsenborg Castle. 

Frijsenborg Castle

Frijsenborg Castle, Hammel. 

Dronningborg Church

Dronningborg Church, Randers.

St. Clemen's Church

St. Clemen's Church, Randers. 


Sunset at my gate.

The Opera House

The Copenhagen Opera House, also known as the Toaster. 

The Marble Church

The Marble Church seen through the fountain in Amaliehaven, Copenhagen. 

Amalienborg Castle

Amalienborg Castle, Copenhagen. It consists of four identical structures like the one in the photo with a square in the middle.

The Marble Church

The Marble Church in Copenhagen has the largest dome in Scandinavia. 

The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond, part of the National Library, Copenhagen.


“Dannebrog,” Copenhagen Harbor. The oldest royal ship still in use. It celebrated its 80th birthday, hence all the flags and people on board.


Boats in one of the Copenhagen canals. 



Randers Town Hall

Randers Town Hall. 

Catholic Night

Night shot of the Catholic Church, Aarhus.


View from Bønnerup Harbor on a (very!) windy day in May. 

Bourbon Street

Not quite what you'd expect to find in Bønnerup. 

Christiansborg Castle

Christiansborg Castle. Home of the Danish parliament. 


Noma. It may not look like much, but it's the world's best restaurant for the third year running. 


One of the Copenhagen canals. The building on the right is the Stock Exchange. The spire is dragon tails winding together, and on the top the three crowns represent the Kalmar Union between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden from 1397 to 1523.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen. 


Nyhavn canal, Copenhagen.